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Crazy Eights

Picked as one of many delightful fics as Judge's Choice at the

Love's Last Glimpse Awards.

Maybe I can bribe the muse into finishing it some day.

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Some sweetie pie nominated an old WIP of mine - Crazy Eights - at the Loves Last Glimpse Awards, in the Best Saga, WIP, and Angst categories.

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I do believe I'm gonna go reread a bit and see if the muse can be bribed into picking up where she left off.
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Heh - it's only been a half year since I last posted to this fic... but the muse decided to give me a holiday prezzie to share with anyone who cares. The latest chapter of Crazy Eights! Yay!!

Can be found in its entirety HERE, for those of you who need a refresher, or are new to the story.

Crazy Eights - Chapter 11 - Behind the Eight Ball )

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I am just so over the moon! Awards! I won Awards!!!! Look and see, share my glee!!!!

**smooches** Vampire Kisses Awards

They like me. They really like me!! ::dies happy::
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I'm just thrilled by the sweetheart who nominated some of my fics over at Vampire Kisses Awards, Round 10:

All Roads Lead to Rome: Best Fluffy Fic, Best Long Fic, Best Original Plot

Crazy Eights: Sexiest Bite, Best WIP

Hell Is In the Details: Best Angst Fic, Sexiest Bite, Best Crossover Fic

Thank you for making a perfectly miserable day a little easier to bear. **smooches you**
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Well, well, well... looky what happened. The muse decided to gift me with words after all. Latest chapter of Crazy Eights is presented here for your enjoyment.

You can find all previous chapters Here.

Crazy Eights - Chapter 10 - Nine to Five )

Extra special thanks to [livejournal.com profile] tgray for her beta! **smooches, pet!**
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Chapter Nine, in which Spike and Buffy are confused about their relationship and revisit Crazy Eights.

Crazy Eights - Chapter Nine - Ten O'Clock and All's Not Well )
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I could have passed an elephant with the amount of effort it took to birth this latest chapter - Chapter 8 - Jack of All Trades, in which Spike tries to do some recon on his own, and Giles doesn't have all the facts.

Crazy Eights - Chapter 8 - Jack of All Trades )

ETA: Fully beta'd by [livejournal.com profile] willshenillshe, and all the better for it! **smooches** luv!
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Chapter Seven - Queen For a Day, in which our gang finally gets down to the gameroom, and Spike makes a show of Buffy being "his."

Crazy Eights - Chapter Seven - Queen for a Day )

ETA: Now lovingly beta'd by my sweet [livejournal.com profile] willshenillshe, who used a feather instead of the aforementioned machete... and showed me that posting at some ungodly hour is never a good idea (read: stupid, silly typos)
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Chapter Six - King of All He Surveys, in which Spike takes the Scoobs into the club for a look-see, and their not so happy discoveries and reactions.

Crazy Eights - Chapter Six - King of All He Surveys )
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An Ace in the Hole, in which Spike, Buffy, Willow and Xander attempt to gain entry to the mysterious Crazy Eights.

Crazy Eights - Chapter Five - An Ace in the Hole )

Beta'd as usual by the delightful [livejournal.com profile] willshenillshe. Enjoy!
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Chapter Four - The New Club In Town, in which Spike has some issues and moves into Buffy's home, and Giles has some information about The Crazy Eights.

Crazy Eights - Chapter Four - The New Club In Town )

Beta'd by the ever delightful [livejournal.com profile] willshenillshe, who makes me better than I am.
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New chapter in which Buffy tries to find some information, and checks out a healing Spike.

Crazy Eights - Chapter Three - Game of Spades )

Beta'd by the sweet [livejournal.com profile] tgray last minute at an ungodly hour! **smooches, pet**
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Hopping on the bandwagon like everyone else, I'm posting the first two chapters of a new WIP 'cause the muse for All Roads Lead To Rome seems to have taken a left turn at Albequerque!

Title: Crazy Eights
Author: Spike’s Heart
Email: spikes_heart@yahoo.com
Pairing: Spike/Buffy
Rating: R to be safe, so far for violence
Setting: BtVS Sometime around Season 5-6, maybe.
Disclaimer: If they were mine, I’d treat them nicer than Joss ever did.
Feedback: Yes, please!
Archive: Ask me, nicely.
Warning: Character rape – not an overly graphic description.
A/N: Spike is not chipped and not souled. Buffy never died. The relationship between Spike and Buffy is friendly in the beginning. Spike NEVER attempted to rape Buffy. Angel and Dru are out of the picture. Don’t even know if there is a Dawn, Glory never existed. Joyce may or may not be deceased. Nobody’s heard of The First. The story is like a game of Crazy Eights with everything wild, and I’ll most definitely change the game rules as I go alone. **grins**
Beta’d by: the lovely [livejournal.com profile] willshenillshe, as always
Summary: There’s a new club in town, and things don’t seem kosher.

Crazy Eights - Chapter One - Bleeding Hearts )

Crazy Eights - Chapter Two - A Fistful of Diamonds )
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