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I have the official title of the world's worst chronicle keeper ever! Best to try and get this out before the year ends.

When last I left you all, I was set for that pesky chest biopsy. It wasn't fun, but it could have been worse. Nothing like having a needle shoved into your chest to pull out stuff. The good news is the results claim that it's not yet another cancer. The bad news is that they have no idea what the frilly heck it is and want me to go to a thoracic surgeon to 'discuss' what to do next. (I think I actually missed that appointment and will have to make another).

I have now been through the five weeks of external radiation and got a lovely certificate stating I have graduated from the course. The next step they want to pursue is internal radiation. I went on Friday to be fitted for something called a Smit Sleeve, and after shots of lidocaine in the cervix and much pushing and grunting and crying (and nearly breaking the nurse's fingers) it was over - and a complete failure. They couldn't seat the thing without causing me excruciating pain and fear of perforating something they shouldn't. They sent me home, told me they needed to have a consultation with all the doctors on my case, and I would probably have this procedure tried again in an operating room instead of the doctor's office early in January.

Monday night I get a call from the hospital that I was supposed to be there at 8:30 in the morning for a pre-op visit, and would be having surgery on Thursday. I nearly had a heart attack. No word at all from any doctor, not to mention that kind of turnaround makes it impossible for me to get an ambulette or my aide to come with me.

So now, I'm here at home, waiting to hear from SOMEONE, and turning blue whilst I twiddle my thumbs. I hate the way they're treating me. With my anxiety issues, I need some kind of warning with these things. Why can't they do what they say, huh?

Anywho, that's where my medical crap stands as of now... more to follow, cause it always does.

Today, I'm planning to spend time with family. A bunch of hours with the grandchildren are good for the soul, I always say. Even if I don't keep in touch as much as I want to, I'm always thinking of my LJ friends/family and checking out all you better posters daily.

Have yourself a merry little Christmas, or just some cool family time. Peace, loves.

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